Indianapolis, IN


About Law Office Of Michael Barnes

“The majority of people that call me want to hear what they should do. They don’t want to be given more decisions to make. They just want it done.”—Mike Barnes

Mike Barnes Biography

Michael Barnes was born the youngest of seven and was raised by a single mother that worked three jobs to support the family. He worked nights as a machine operator to put himself through college. After graduating with a degree in computer programming, Mike Barnes sought a Juris Doctorate from Indiana University School of Law. Working his way through law school, he gained experience as a Correctional Officer.

After receiving his admission to the bar in 2007, he served as Staff Counsel for the Department of Corrections. At this position, he handled thousands of cases. Mike continues to advocate and defend individuals in criminal cases.

To speaking to his roots, Mike understands the importance of providing excellent legal services that are also affordable. Mike is dedicated to the working person. He knows what is like to work hard for a living, make it on little to nothing, and what it means to do whatever it takes.

You deserve zealous representation. It’s time to call Mike Barnes.