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Learn how you can protect your rights by working with an Indianapolis, IN, lawyer. Here at the Law Office Of Michael Barnes, you can expect to receive courteous treatment and potentially insightful consultations. We only charge fees on personal injury cases if we win, and we have convenient appointment availability.

We’re a locally owned and operated firm offering assistance in the areas of trial law, personal injury law, expungement law, and criminal defense. We'll negotiate on your behalf and represent you in open court. To keep costs low, we have a paralegal for all routine matters. As a client, you’ll appreciate our:

  • Competitive rates
  • Financing options
  • Great customer service

Give our Indianapolis, IN, lawyer a call today to set up your initial appointment and see how we might be of service to you. We have evening and weekend consultations available, and we think that you’ll benefit from the services offered at the Law Office Of Michael Barnes.